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This webpage covers News & Activism starting around June 2018.

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ANYONE can take action.
ANYONE can EMAIL the Dallas City Council.
The Dallas City Council is culpable for unnecessarily risking the health of its citizens by adding Fluoride to the drinking water in the form of Hydrofluorosilicic Acid, (also known as FSA or HFS).
HFS is a highly corrosive, hazardous, toxic waste (per EPA) full of other contaminants such a lead, arsenic, mercury, radioactive particles, etc.

Many hundreds of scientific studies show that swallowing Fluoride can adversely affect health.

Never has the City Council presented scientific studies which show that swallowing Fluoride is safe for everyone, for all subpopulations (minorities, the Fetus, children, immune compromised, kidney patients, heart patients, cancer patients, thyroid compromised, etc).

Never has the City Council brought forth an open dialogue with experts on toxicology to a public forum discussion.
Our Repeated Video Evidence of the Council 'horseshoe' (not shown on City TV) demonstrates a callous lack of concern for the health of citizens in Dallas and in the over 20 neighboring suburbs which receive Dallas water.  Millions of people are affected.  There can be no doubt that many people and pets are harmed by the Dallas City Council Members.

The principle of nonmaleficence states that we should act in ways that do not inflict evil or cause harm to others. In particular, we should not cause avoidable or intentional harm. This includes avoiding even the risk of harm. It is important to point out that this principle can be violated with or without intention. That is, you don’t have to intend harm to violate this principle. In fact, you don’t even have to cause harm. If you have knowingly or unknowingly subjected a patient or colleague to unnecessary risk, you have violated this principle.

November 2018
Scroll to the bottom of this webpage to see what sane Dentistry is all about.
Read Celeste McGovern's article "Ozone gas: reversing tooth decay" and much, much more.
Some "Fluoride News Related Sources"
Be sure to see the "Home Page" of the Dallas For Safer Water website for primary links, such as FluorideAlert.Org ...

...along with some eye-opening data about the Lead drinking water levels in Dallas homes which the media refuses to tell you.
More about the North Texas Municipal Water District and the Dallas Water Treatment processes are on "Home Page 2".

Late October 2018

Attention:  Nutritionists, Professionals, Politicians and the Public.

The following “Open Letter” is a 3 minute read.

It gives an excellent summary of the major findings from evidence-based science about ingesting Fluoride.


(Of course, most politicians are not interested in science, but rather they prefer to repeat “talking points” which have no basis on facts presented in the scientific literature.)


Disturbing news...

"State of American Drinking Water" at the (EWG) Environmental Working Group WEBSITE .

EWG's Tap Water Database – the most complete source available on the quality of U.S. drinking water, aggregating and analyzing data from almost 50,000 public water utilities nationwide. 

This database is more than just a helpful resource for individuals and families, but a call to action for everyone who cares about clean water.

November 2, 2018 - Bloomberg News
A Huge, Special Report about how some FLUORIDE CHEMICALS don't degrade.
They are in Dallas Water and adversely affect health.
November 2018
Lead Levels in Dallas Drinking Water 
More Updates as you scroll down the "Home Page" of  https://www.DallasForSaferWater.com
In Latest EPA Defeat, Judge Orders More Discovery In TSCA Fluoride Suit
Court Document   --  Fan LINK  --  Waters Kraus & Paul law firm long article

A federal judge has ordered EPA to provide internal documents and allow plaintiffs to depose agency staff on the risks posed by fluoridation, mandates that highlight the effect of an earlier ruling allowing the plaintiffs to introduce new evidence in their landmark Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) suit rather than limiting it to the agency’s record.


In an Oct. 4 order, Judge Edward Chen, of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, ordered EPA to release internal documents regarding its scientists’ views of a study linking fluoridation to IQ decrements, as well as ordering EPA to allow plaintiffs to depose agency staff on whether its existing fluoride standards consider neurotoxicity risks.


The order marks the latest in a series of potentially precedential losses the agency has suffered in the landmark TSCA suit, Food & Water Watch Inc., et al, v. EPA, where environmentalists and public health groups are seeking to force EPA to grant their petition seeking to ban the practice of treating drinking water with fluoride.


“In my view, it’s quite significant going forward … [Chen] didn’t provide any qualifications. He allowed deposition and forced EPA to search for internal documents,” the plaintiffs’ attorney, Michael Connett with Waters Kraus & Paul’s Los Angeles office, tells Inside EPA. “Even though [the order] is not technically precedential, it’s nevertheless helpful guidance for future courts” because this case is the first of its kind.t appears EPA’s safety standards did not meaningfully consider fluoride neurotoxicity, and, as such, cannot be used to demonstrate a neurological safe level of fluoride.” …

In this 23 minute VIDEO interview, Mr. James Corbett interviews Dr. Paul Connett about the Lawsuit against the EPA. 

The October 2018 Lawsuit update certainly has some good news.

There are many internal fluoride documents which the EPA has withheld from the public. 
EPA whistleblowers have recounted stories.
Here is the head of the EPA repeatedly lying to the public that the air and water are safe, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.
Thus, thousands are dead or sick.

With this October update, EPA officials can be called to testify and documents can be revealed.

See this 2018 article where the head of the EPA deliberately poisoned children.

However, despite top EPA officials being corrupt, many, many EPA employees strongly oppose Water Fluoridation because of it poses dramatic health risks.

Toxicologist, Dr. Paul Connett talks about three recently released studies linking fluoride exposure to ADHD, thyroid problems, and showing that pregnant women in “optimally” fluoridated Canada have significantly higher levels of fluoride in their urine than women in non-fluoridated communities.  - LINK to Studies -   8 minute VIDEO
October 2018 - Environmental Health News has an article about 3 new studies on fluoride.  LINK to studies.
October 2018 - Dr Joseph Mercola has an article about the 3 new studies on fluoride.
First Study - Thyroid, Fluoride & Iodine
The implications and importance behind the Canadian Malin Thyroid study can not be overstated.  

More studies regarding Thyroid-Fluoride at the links below...

Plug in keywords here at the world's largest scholarly database for fluoride related contaminants.

See a long history of Fluoride-Thyroid investigations here.
Example:  Thyroid conditions on dogs were deliberately caused using fluoride in 1854.

Crooked teeth, wide spread teeth, teeth too close, more prone to cavities, and other mouth problems can be caused by Thyroid problems.  STUDY LINK with GRAPHIC
The Malin Thyroid-Fluoride-Iodine Study is well worth the read.  The importance of adequate iodine intake is revealed in the study, since Fluoride is poisonous to the Thyroid function.  Many other scientific references are noted.  Several studies showed how as little as 0.3 to 0.5 mg/L in fluoridated water could impair Thyroid function.   Dallas has 0.7 mg/L in its water.  One liter of Dallas water gives a dose of 0.7 mg, certainly enough to impair Thyroid function for some people in the Dallas metropolitan area.
Could a small glass of Dallas water hurt your Thyroid function?  Possibly.  See the England study below.
There are many, many, many scientific studies which demonstrate how Fluoride can affect the Thyroid.
One particular study occurred in England where 10% of the country's water is fluoridated.  Researchers gathered public health information which showed folks who had Thyroid issues.   Those living in fluoridated communities had a strong prevalence of Thyroid conditions, sometimes twice as high as those living in non-fluoridated communities. 
It was posed that even 0.3 mg/L (0.3 ppm) of Fluoride could effect the Thyroid.  Dallas water has 0.7 mg per liter of fluoride. 
Thus, one half liter of Dallas water might hurt the Thyroid function of some people.
We highly recommend that you read this article, "The Great Iodine Debate" at WestonPrice.Org.

The article gives insight to the fact that the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) is wrong.  It is way too low, especially for our era.  The history of Iodine details how a false RDA came into the American culture.

Second Study - Prenatal Exposure to Fluoride & higher ADHD rates
Some folks often overlook this extremely important element...
PRENATAL exposure.  

How many milligrams of Fluoride is a safe dose for the Fetus?
Fluoride is known to cross the placenta from the maternal blood to the growing fetus.

This Fluoride--ADHD study by Bashash et al follows on the heels of the previous Bashash, landmark, September 2017 IQ study entitled:  Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico.

See the "Home Page" of this "DallasForSaferWater" website for highlights of that 2017 study.
"Mothers To Be" should read this.

*****Unfortunately, after the release of the 2017 IQ study, there were some vested interests who made false, disparaging claims about the study.
See the EPA's chart with FLUORIDE
"Chemicals with Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity"

 See these Mother-Offspring Studies of Fluoride Exposure on the Human Fetus.

Article in Medscape Medical News entitled “Prenatal Fluoride Exposure Linked to ADHD in Kids“

Prenatal exposure to higher levels of fluoride not only impairs cognitive development but also significantly increases the incidence of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, new research shows.


"Our current study suggests that fluoride not only interferes with overall IQ or overall cognitive development but may also contribute to symptoms of ADHD," lead investigator Morteza Bashash, PhD, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Canada, told Medscape Medical News (article “Prenatal Fluoride Exposure Linked to ADHD in Kids“)

Morteza Bashash, PhD is well known for the landmark, 12 year study published September 2017 “Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico”

(*****See links above left)

Third Study - North America Fluoride Levels in Pregnant Women -
Confirms the Bashash September 2017 Study on IQ applies to United States
This third recent study also focused on Pregnant Women and Fluoride exposure
BACKGROUND:  Fluoride exposures have not been established for pregnant women who live in regions with and without community water fluoridation.
OBJECTIVE: The aim was to measure urinary fluoride levels during pregnancy.

The measured Fluoride urine levels were about two times higher for women living in fluoridated water districts compared to those women living in non-fluoridated districts.  
Approximately 75% of the fluoride exposure comes from water, tea (tea naturally contains high amounts of fluoride) and other beverages (sodas or drinks made from fluoridated water). 
The study also noted that older people, in general, had relatively higher amounts of fluoride in their urine, because around 50% of ingested fluoride accumulates in bone.  As the bone rebuilds, previous fluoride deposits circulate. 

This study did a wonderful job of comparing other fluoride studies and data to its findings.
It is worth noting these excerpts:

"...Fluoride exposure may also be neurotoxic, especially for the developing fetus..."

"...The National Toxicology Program (NTP) at the National Institutes of Health (NRC 2006) and others (Grandjean and Landrigan2014) have concluded that prenatal exposure to high levels of fluoride can alter neurodevelopment.  Fluoride readily crosses the placenta (Forestieretal.1990) and, in animal studies, accumulates in critical brain regions involved in learning and memory (Bhatnagar et al. 2002; Dong et al.1997; Pereira et al.2011)...."

Keynote Take-Away from the Third Study (Community Water Fluoridation & Urinary Fluoride Levels in Pregnant Women)
This study validates and reinforces the Bashash IQ and ADHD studies.
This study confirms that Dallas Fluoridated Water poses tremendous risks to the Fetus, especially minorities such as African Americans and Hispanics.

Landmark Fluoride IQ Scientific Study - September 2017

“Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age

in Mexico” - Bashash et al.


***** See LINKS upper left, near the ADHD Study

The September 2017 Study demonstrates that when pregnant mothers drink fluoridated waters at 0.7 mg/L fluoride, many are expected to give birth to children who will have meaningfully lowered cognitive function, perhaps 3 – 6 IQ points.

This means that Dallas which fluoridates the water (0.7 mg/L) falls into that category.

The credibility of the study is beyond reproach…

……a huge 12 year study, part of the Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) project.

……it was funded with $3 million in U.S. government grants from the NIH, NIEHS and EPA.

……this was one of the largest studies of fluoride and IQ to date with meticulous individual data sets on all participants for 12 years, controlling for many factors.  It was as large as many of the studies that have been used to show that childhood lead exposure causes loss of IQ.

……it was published in the leading peer-reviewed journal of environmental health (Environmental Health Perspectives), which is published by the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), a division of NIH.

……prestigious institutions conducted the study (University of Toronto, University of Michigan, Indiana-Purdue University School of Dentistry, McGill University Montreal, Harvard University, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico.)

……starting with almost 1,000 mothers, the study rigidly qualified participants down to nearly 300 sets of mothers and children (testing the children twice).  Children were tested on “verbal, perceptual-performance, quantitative, memory and motor abilities.”

Urinary Analysis was used. 

This ensured that no matter what the source of fluoride was, the fluoride measurement comparison would not be compromised.  (There are many sources of fluoride, such as water, food, supplements, pesticides, drugs, non-organic raisins, tea, etc.)

The Urine Levels measured in this study correlate with Urine Levels of people in the United States & Canada who drink Fluoridated Water at 0.7 mg/L.

Researchers in this study took great care to ensure that no other neurotoxin (such Lead, arsenic, mercury, etc.) was involved.  The study controlled for other neurotoxins along with socioeconomic status and education.  To ensure a standardized measure (not influenced by hard to monitor factors such as foods consumed), urine samples were used.
In Toxicology and when setting Public Policy, it is the lowest levels of exposure that cause harm that are relevant, not the highest levels.
Thus, this and other studies demonstrate that low levels of Fluoride can harm the brain, especially in the Fetus.
Certainly, the Precautionary Principle applies.

From an international leader in environmental poison research:

“Adverse effects from fluoride additives to drinking water have not been fully considered in the past, and the new study from Mexico, along with substantial evidence from other countries, now shows that fluoride toxicity to brain development must be taken seriously.”

-  Dr. Philippe Grandjean, Chair of Environmental Medicine at the University of Southern Denmark and Adjunct Professor of Environmental Health at Harvard School of Public Health regarding Bashash et al. (Sept 2017)


From the Director of the US National Toxicology Program:

"There have been similar findings related to exposure to fluoride and IQ from children in China. So this observation or association has been reported before.” - Dr. Linda Birnbaum, Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Science regarding Bashash et al. (Sept 2017)


From a pediatrician who studies links between environmental exposures and health problems:

“This is a very well-conducted study, and it raises serious concerns about fluoride supplementation in water” - Dr. Leonardo Trasande,  pediatrician & associate professor at New York University Langone Health on Bashash et al., (Sept 2017)

Taken from Medical News Today ...
"This is significant," explains Dr. Hu, "because previous studies estimated exposures based on neighborhood measurements of drinking water fluoride levels, which are indirect and much less precise measures of exposure."

As the study authors conclude, "[...] our findings, combined with evidence from existing animal and human studies, reinforce the need for additional research on potential adverse effects of fluoride, particularly in pregnant women and children, and to ensure that the benefits of population-level fluoride supplementation outweigh any potential risks."

Christine Till and Ashley Malin are researchers listed in the Three New Studies mentioned above. 

They are also both authors on this ADHD study, entitled “Exposure to fluoridated water and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States: an ecological association”.  

Utilizing U.S. data, they found that States with a "prevalence of artificial water fluoridation in 1992 significantly positively predicted state prevalence of ADHD” in following years … “even after controlling for socioeconomic status”.

Read the Study here.

The EPA's pdf showing FLUORIDE listed as "Chemicals with Substantial Evidence of Developmental Neurotoxicity"
How many milligrams of Fluoride is a safe dose for the Fetus?
Fluoride is known to cross the placenta from the maternal blood to the growing fetus.
Studies have shown that when pregnant women ingest Fluoride at levels equivalent to Dallas tap water, their child might have a lower IQ and ADHD symptoms.
Dallas Water contains 0.7 mg of Fluoride per liter.
Studies have shown that as little as 0.3 mg of Fluoride can effect Thyroid function.
~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~   ~~~

The following video was uploaded September 24, 2018.



Dentist, Dr. David Kennedy addresses a room full of ‘natural’ Dentists who desire to use the least toxic methods of Dentistry.  

Dentist, Dr. Cole from Austin, TX introduces Kennedy and is also in a video as part of Kennedy’s presentation.  Dr. Cole helped in the Dallas anti-fluoridation campaign with a video which was shown before the Dallas City Council.

Here are some highlights from the video…


Dental teeth disfigurement and stains

Kennedy discusses dental fluorosis.  Dental fluorosis is very common.   White spots on teeth, easily stained teeth because they are more porous, or brown splotches, pits, fissures, easily cracked teeth are some of the symptoms.  

Close to half of the folks in the Dallas metroplex have dental fluorosis. 

African Americans and other minorities have more cases of dental fluorosis that their Caucasian counterparts per the CDC.   Two alleles on the genetic traits is probably the factor.

…By the way, the CDC tried to cover-up the minority aspect from their own studies until activists discovered the cover-up – see the Homepage of this website. 

Swallowing fluoride causes dental fluorosis.  Nothing else causes dental fluorosis except for fluoride.

Internal ingestion of fluoride causes a non-normal formation of teeth growth.  Teeth even tend to erupt later than normal.

Look at your teeth.   Do your teeth have any white specks?  Do they stain easily?  (Fluorosis makes teeth more porous.)

Have you ever cracked a tooth?  (Fluorosis makes teeth and bones more brittle.)

Are you spending lots of money seeing the Dentist?  Typically, when someone has dental fluorosis, they can end up spending many thousands of dollars over a lifetime to cosmetically keep their their smile looking nice...all those thousands of dollars, because they swallowed too much fluoride.

See this Dentist's website...

Dental Fluorosis: Too Much Fluoride Stains Teeth

Watch the 4 minute VIDEO to the right.
More info here.

White Spots on teeth. 

How Blacks are more affected than their Caucasian counterparts.  

And the government cover-up.  

And the CDC cover-up by no longer gathering information about dental fluorosis.

Often those with dental fluorosis have other health or mental issues, because of fluoride's toxicity throughout the body.

Tummy Ache and Gastrointestinal Problems

In the last three minutes of the video, Dr Kennedy tells a story of how someone had “heartburn” and stomach aches which were caused by fluoride.  Often, this is one of the first symptoms which people (and dogs) notice from ingesting fluoride.  See the Dr. Hans Moolenburgh video below under the Melissa Gallico section.

 “The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine” have a 500 page scientific overview of fluoride. 

The linked section describes, in repeating detail, how fluoride can cause gastrointestinal issues.


LAWSUITS in Texas are mentioned in the Dr. Kennedy video around the 26 minute mark.

Here is one law firm which has a section for collecting information on a Fluoride Class Action Lawsuit


Thyroid and Teeth
Many people are aware that swallowing Fluoride can affect Thyroid function. 
Several studies showed how as little as 0.3 to 0.5 mg/L in fluoridated water could impair Thyroid function.
(Kheradpisheh et al., 2018; Bachinskii et al., 1985)

Thyroid problems can cause many dental and oral problems.

Crooked teeth, wide spread teeth, teeth too close, non-normal tooth eruption / formation, more prone to cavities, mouth problems, etc.
In this 6 minute video, Dr. Bob DeMaria mentions very common symptoms of subpar Thyroid function which includes teeth spacing.

This article section, Thyroid Abnormalities can Affect Your Dental and Oral Health, explains some of the oral symptoms resulting from Thyroid issues.

"If your child is experiencing weakness in the jaw and teeth, unusual gaps in teeth growth, or crowded and jammed groups of teeth, then you may have to consider having your child checked for Hypothyroidism.

… irregular teeth growth among children…

… Minus the irregular teeth growth, hypothyroidism affects adults’ oral health in a similar manner. People with hypothyroidism are more prone to infection; their cells and tissues may not heal quickly. So they have greater chances of contracting oral and dental problems such as: swollen and bleeding gums, frequent jaw spasms, fast decaying teeth which lead to grave cavities and teeth falling off. In severe cases, it can cause TMJ syndrome…

… People who have an over active thyroid may experience fast decaying molars, sensitive teeth that hurt on sudden temperature change, and pain in the jaw...."

Dr Amy Myers, MD discusses teeth and Thyroid conditions, including avoiding substances like Fluoride.  LINK

"The Many Dental Triggers of Hashimoto’s" are discussed by Dr. Izabella Wentz.  LINK

Among many great, local Dallas Doctors who oppose water fluoridation is Dr. Maryann Prewitt of HealthWellnessMDwho specializes in handling Thyroid issues naturally.   She is an Obstetrician-gynecologist.  She also offers the skinFIT MedSpa.


Aluminum and Silicic Acid (Silica) in Tap Water

There is no escaping aluminum exposure in our environment.


Everyone has stepped in a mud puddle.  It gets pretty murky with all kinds of stuff floating around.  Water Treatment facilities use a variety of chemicals (Flocculation and Coagulation) to help remove all the crud and dirt which comes off of the lake water.  Aluminum is often a primary ingredient used to remove the crud.  There are not too many other viable choices for ‘crud removal’. 

Thus, aluminum ends up in our tap water.


Aluminum plays no human beneficial biological role whatsoever.  Many professionals consider aluminum to be toxic in the body. 

The aluminum-chemical industry, much like the fluoride-chemical industry, quietly exerts strong pressures to downplay the adverse health effects.  Anyone who thoroughly researches the history of these industries discovers this.  These industries often quietly enlist other vested interest groups and government agencies to influence public perception with propagandaScientists studying aluminum and Fluoride researchers are often impaired by industry and their vested interests (e.g. National Institute of Dental Research)

Silica in the form of Silicic Acid (bioactive and bioavailable orthosilicic acid - Si(OH)(4) )

Most of our bottled water and city water is filtered, which removes many minerals. Our ancestors naturally acquired silica (silicic acid) from drinking water, because the water was not filtered.

Silica has many health benefits.

-- It helps with brain function, mental alertness and Attention Deficit Disorder. It impedes aluminum from reacting in the brain and also helps the body to excrete aluminum, thus addressing Alzheimer’s.

-- It helps to address aches and pains, along with arthritis and bone integrity. Silica gives strength to tissues in the body. Silica is essential for proper body growth.

-- It helps hair, skin, nails and collagen. Collagen also is the “holder of body energy” located between cells. A baby’s skin is very soft because of the silica content. Older people tend to have much less silica in their skin. In fact, silica is needed by a baby to “preform” the bone matrix.

-- HEART and arteries – Silica improves the integrity of the arteries to such an extent that it can be a strong factor for eliminating plaque on the arteries.

-- Silica is needed to make many body chemicals.

-- Silica (silicic acid) is best absorbed without fiber foods.  Dr. Chris Exley how plants uptake silica.   List of Foods Silica Content.

Dr. Jorge Flechas delivers a "Silicates in Human Health" presentation to a group of dentists who study the least toxic methods of dentistry.  VIDEO LINK
If you are concerned about Fluoride toxicity or just general health, you will find Dr. Flechas presentation on Iodine of great interest and also Dr. Sherry Tenpenny in her Iodine presentation to 'natural' dentists.

Aluminum Detoxification with Silica Rich Water

Some mineral waters have a high silica content.   Scientific studies have shown that waters which have a high silicic acid (about 30 mg or more per liter) content effectively and noticeably remove aluminum from the body. 

Quantity of silicic acid is important for effective aluminum excretion.  A low quantity of silicic acid is not enough to effectively 'grab' aluminum and carry it out of the body.

As this study points out "...Silicon in mineral water (and indeed most potable waters) is found mainly as silicic acid (Si(OH)4)[aq], which in the gut is immediately absorbed and enters the blood before being excreted in the urine via the kidney. Mirroring the urinary excretion of silicic acid is aluminum and this close relationship suggests that silicic acid in some way facilitates the excretion of aluminum via the kidney. The mechanism of action remains to be elucidated but it is thought to involve a pulse in silicic acid concentration in the blood, which facilitates the passage of low-molecular weight forms of aluminum across the glomeruli of the kidney..."

Silicic Acid immediately follows water molecules through the gut wall and into the bloodstream where (given enough quantity) it forms a complex with aluminium called an hydroxyaluminosilicate. This form of aluminium can be easily filtered from the blood by the kidney.

Dr. Christopher Exley has been focused on studying aluminum and also silica for more than 20 years.

Read his article:  Why everyone should drink silicon-rich mineral water

It should be noted that the form of silica in water is the bioactive and bioavailable orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4)[aq].

This is different than other forms of silica.  It is even different from the forms of silica found in supplements.

Example:  Orthosilicic acid easily flows with water.  Plants will take it up along with water, and we often see a conversion or condensation take place with a harder form of silica depositing within the plant. 

The herb Horsetail is famous for its silica content. 

However, "biosilicifiers, such as horsetails, harvest silicic acid from solutions which are far from saturation and deposit it as amorphous hydrated silica. … condensation of silicic acid into silica"Science Article

This is not to say that herbs, foods or supplements containing silica are not beneficial. 
But they may be limited on their ability to help excrete aluminum from the body.  
For example:  If the label says silicon dioxide (SiO2), this is not the same as the bioactive and bioavailable orthosilicic acid (Si(OH)4)[aq] found in silica rich water.  However, fresh horsetail herb may contain about 5-8% silicic acid, before the silicic acid condenses into silica.
Below is the 5 minute video brief.  11 minute brief here.
Q&A lecture by Professor Exley starting at the 6 minute mark.
Professor Chris Exley of Keele University.
You will see links for Publications, Media and Presentations, Research and more.

Silica Rich Water
Many large corporations also have a stake in the water business, especially bottled water.  Bloomberg Business and USA Today have written non-flattering stories about Nestle and its water business.  Newsweek writes about the big companies gobbling up water supplies with shifty methods.  The entire country of Bolivia revolted when a very large American company took control of their water. 
When Dr. Chris Exley was doing his research on silica rich water, he used a European brand.  In the beginning, the European bottled water company was excited to assist with the research on aluminum excretion and attach their name to it...until the corporation which owned the water company found out.  The corporation nixxed the signed contract because it would "make aluminum look bad".

Another silica rich bottled water ("Acilis" and "Spritzer") came forward to lend their name and funds towards helping with the research.
At this time, it seems this water is only available in the U.K., Europe, Malaysia and a few other countries.
Throughout the World, there are various sources of silica rich water.  Dr. Silica in Japan boasts that it has a high content.
In the United States, a common bottled water brand with a high silica content is Fiji Water (93 mg per liter).
Mineral Wells, Texas is famous for its bottled "Crazy Water", which has a high mineral content, but about 16mg of silica per liter.
August 2018 - Melissa Gallico releases 2 videos and a new book. 
Find out more about Melissa Gallico and her first book, "The Hidden Cause of Acne" , as you scroll down "Home Page #2" and also when you scroll to June "cysts" below.
An easy to understand message about water. (7 minutes)
"F is for Fluoride" LINK
Melissa speaks to Congressman Tim Ryan about Fluoride.
(4 minutes) VIDEO LINK


When speaking to the Congressman, Melissa mentions that many folks are sensitive to Fluoride but they are unaware that Fluoride is causing the issue.

And she refers to a Mother of an Autistic child.

You can read the 3 part story from the Mother which was posted on the Fluoride Action Network during a past fundraiser.

#1 - https://fluoridealert.org/content/bulletin_12-15-16/

#2 - https://org.salsalabs.com/o/2477/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=1335299

#3 - https://org.salsalabs.com/o/2477/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=1335411


All too often, an individual is unaware that they have a fluoride sensitivity which effects their well being.

Depression & raising IQ 60 points



In this 5 minute video, you will meet a little girl who was suffering from severe depression.  When the source of her depression was identified, her IQ went up by 60 points.

Unwanted feelings and behavior can be affected by fluoride. 

Fluoride also certainly affects intelligence.  

More than 300 studies show that fluoride damages the brain, directly and indirectly. Here is a short list of studies.


The little girl in the video was taking Fluoride supplements.

It is against the law to prescribe fluoride to be ingested in order to prevent cavities.

It is against the law to prescribe fluoride to be ingested in order to prevent cavities.

We will repeat that…

The FDA rules that an ingestible form fluoride cannot be prescribed in order to prevent cavities.

This Dentist from Austin, TX, Dr. Griffin Cole, explains the details of fluoride pills (3 minute video)…


Duh?!   Although the FDA finds it illegal to prescribe ingested Fluoride, this is exactly what Dallas City Council members are doing by adding fluoride to the water.

This pdf describes the Federal FDA codes and Texas codes relating to fluoride drugs.


Sensitivities - One reason by some people no longer notice Fluoride induced body complaints
Often, when a person is first exposed to Fluoride, they have body complaints. 
For example:  A newborn who has never been exposed to Fluoride in the womb, may suddenly be given a bottle containing fluoridated water.  It definitely will upset the baby's stomach and that night the parents will deal with a fussy, crying baby.

At the 5 minute mark of the video, Dr. Hans Moolenburgh explains how the body reacts to a continuous assault of consuming poisonous fluoride.
~ Beauty and Health Advocates ~
September 2018 - Nutritional Aesthetic Alliance (NAA) President, Rachael Pontillo, interviews Melissa Gallico about Acne and Fluoride.
September 2018 - Katie Wells (Wellness Mama) interviews Melissa.
Be sure to visit her website for links and highlights of the podcast.

Find out...
  • Why chicken may be a source of fluoride exposure
  • A reason to only use organic chickens (and avoid processed chicken like chicken nuggets)
30/30 Health Podcast -Episode #77

Guillermo Ruiz interviews Melissa Gallico.

LINK to Podcasts - LINK to Video

Episode 033 of The Tiny Fit Diva Podcast, featuring host Kylene Terhune with guest Melissa Gallico.  Watch on YOUTUBE LINK - Website  LINK
For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Melissa Gallico.
September 2018 
On her website, “Empowered Sustenance”, Lauren Geertsen, a nutrition consultant and author, shared an article written by Melissa Gallico.   
A fascinating read.

To the right, before and after photos of Jennifer Cramer.     ----------->

See above, on this webpage, "Thyroid and Teeth".
In the video on the left, Dr Bob tells how FLUORIDE CAN CAUSE ACNE.   Dr. Bob DeMaria - The Drugless Doctor WEBSITE

In this VIDEO clip (30 seconds) Dr. Bob discusses how Fluoride and Bromine and Chlorine can adversely effect the Thyroid.

Dr. Bob is speaking about the Thyroid, Iodine and Fluoride, but also mentions how wide spaced teeth can be a sign of low Thyroid function.
  VIDEO (3 minutes)

Again, Dr. Bob mentions wide spaced teeth in this video. (6 minutes).
October 2018 - Melissa Gallico meets Erin Brockovich and Bob Bowcock in Florida. 
(See more on Erin Brockovich and Bob Bowcock when they came to North Texas here.  Hear how they call Fluoridation "criminal".)
Melissa's friend, Linda from Satellite Beach asks Erin and Bob about Fluoride.  VIDEO LINK
Erin Brockovich's written statement dynamically opposing water fluoridation here.

Erin Brockovich FACEBOOK

Melissa Gallico   Author | Activist          

www.HiddenCauseofAcne.com    www.ProjectFree.Me

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,

On Wednesday, August 1st, Joe speaks to the Dallas City Council.  He brings up the Texas Republican Party's resolution to ban Fluoride in Texas.  He notes that several Council Members wish to stop water fluoridation.  Joe also mentions that certain minerals such as Iodine and Boron are deficient in the diet and help to protect people from the fluoride.
VIDEO - Click "Open Microphone Speakers" and go to the 12:45 mark.

Be sure to see Joe and Regina before the City Council on Wednesday June 13th, 2018.
VIDEO LINK at Dallas City Hall.  Click "Open Microphone Speakers".
Wednesday August 15th, Regina speaks at Dallas City Hall and gives details about the Texas Republican Convention which passed a resolution to ban water fluoridation in Texas with an overwhelming majority vote of 5,231 to 1160.

For the next 2 years, this is part of the official Texas Republican platform.  YouTube LINK

Thursday night (August 16th), via an online, independent radio station, Erin Davis interviews Regina Imburgia about the Dallas water fluoridation issue.  A very interesting interview full of information.


August 6, 2018 - Regina was on the "PowerHour Radio with Daniel Brigman".  LINK
(Our thanks to Erin for making the YouTube videos.)

NEWS - June 17 2018

The Republican Party of Texas supports banning the fluoridation of the Texas water supply.

During June, the Texas Republican Convention was held in San Antonio. This is where official Texas GOP policy statements are decided for the next 2 years. A resolution vote was taken on June 17th, 2018.

Plank #245 – Fluoride in Water Supply: 
—Ban Fluoride Additives In The Texas Public Water Supplies.—

Here is something very telling!   The vote.
It was almost a 5 to 1 “in favor” of the resolution vote.
Yays were 5231
Nays were 1160
—Ban Fluoride Additives In The Texas Public Water Supplies.—
A resolution to recognize that the current fluoridation of public drinking water supplies is dangerous, harmful, careless, and unethical. And that the addition of fluoridation is expensive, ineffective and should be banned in the Great State of Texas.
WHEREAS, fluoride is medically not to be ingested. Toothpaste gives warning to not ingest, and if ingested, to call poison control.
WHEREAS, the fluoride used to fluoridate the public drinking supply comes from the waste of the phosphorus industry. It is a hazard class 8 corrosive and secondary class 6 poison.
WHEREAS, this waste product that is added to the municipal water supply as the fluoride additive is called fluorolsicilic acid which is not a pharmaceutical grade fluoride.
WHEREAS, the added fluoride does not treat the water in any form or fashion.
WHEREAS, fluoride is not an essential nutrient and is not a required component for human growth and development.
WHEREAS, 97% of Western European Countries do not add a drop of fluoride to their water supply.
WHEREAS, fluoridated countries do not have less tooth decay than non-fluoridated countries.
WHEREAS, fluoridation is a violation of the individual’s right to informed consent to medication.
WHEREAS, fluoride is a endocrine disruptor and can affect many parts of the body like the: bones, brain, thyroid gland, pineal gland and blood sugar levels.
WHEREAS, fluoride is recognized as 1 of 12 industrial chemicals known to cause developmental neurotoxicity in human beings.
WHEREAS, the CDC says that 40% of American teenagers show visible signs of fluoride over-exposure.
WHEREAS, fluoridation: A “one dose fits all” level is unacceptable.
WHEREAS, the public drinking water should not be a delivery system for any medication.
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Republican Party of Texas supports banning the fluoridation of the Texas water supply.
June 2018 - The GAIA CHANNEL released the 6 minute video entitled...
The Actual Truth About Fluoride
(scientific studies are shown in the video)

Wednesday - June 13, 2018 - Two Speakers before the Dallas City Council
Joe and then Regina speak to the Dallas City Council about water fluoridation.  Joe is the first speaker.  Regina is the 3rd speaker.
Regina emphasizes that the Dallas City Council has never had an open dialogue about the issue, and also that the Council covertly slipped through the Fluoridation Agenda in December 2016 without public input.
Joe points out that it is our duty as a human being to care for other human beings, and "...What we have is a chemical added to the water that, over time, suppresses or overwhelms the immune system and causes disease."

VIDEO LINK at Dallas City Hall.  Click "Open Microphone Speakers".
June 2018 - Amy of Skyn Therapy interviews researcher, FBI analyst, and author Melissa Gallico about problems associated with Fluoride, with a focus on skin and hormone balance. 
(Small list of scientific studies regarding skin conditions.)
(Cysts on breasts not shown.)
June 17, 2018
Fluoride & Acne: Is Fluoroderma causing your cystic breakouts?


...Fluoride is extremely toxic to the body, even in small amounts...

...What makes this whole thing even more problematic is that fluoride competes with iodine in the thyroid gland, and because it’s lighter and more reactive, fluoride wins and displaces iodine, causing a deficiency and eventually suppressing thyroid function.

I very briefly mentioned how important iodine is for thyroid health but I have to stress how essential it really is in the fluoride/acne connection. It’s widely known that low functioning thyroid can cause acne – this is because it messes up progesterone which can impact on cortisol and androgens – all of which can lead to breakouts! But why are so many of us struggling with our thyroid? The likely answer is because we’re slowly being poisoned by fluoride!...


Excess fluoride exposure can also:

  • Cause hormone imbalances which can lead to PMS, PCOS and endometriosis
  • Impairs magnesium metabolism needed for balanced blood sugars
  • Destroys gut health needed for a strong immune system and clear skin

...I struggled with...

  • Irregular periods
  • Constipation
  • Food intolerances
  • Acne
  • Sore breasts
  • Excess belly fat
  • Oily skin
  • PMS
  • Low basal body temperature
  • Acid reflux
June 12, 2018
Dairy, Iodine, Fluoride & Acne: An Interview with Melissa Gallico
June 18, 2018
Fluoride & acne: how to detox from fluoride exposure
For more information about Melissa Gallico, scroll down on "Home Page 2".
Fluoride-tainted Raisins


Kill your dogs and pets. 
Poison your children with Raisin Bran or a box of raisins.
June 28, 2018 - 32 minute read by Melissa Gallico of www.HiddenCauseofAcne.com
"How To Keep Your Dentist From Killing Your Labrador Retriever
(and other pets)"
A government analyst reveals the pesticide scandal killing household pets around the world.
"...When dogs vomit, it’s almost always because they got into something they shouldn’t have, and it’s usually not difficult to figure out what it was."
"But when children vomit, or just get indigestion or an upset stomach, why would anyone ever suspect the cause to be the box of raisins they ate with lunch? Or a glass of grape juice? You would probably just think they caught a virus that’s going around.

I’m not saying that children get sick from eating raisins covered in pesticide. I am saying that if children get sick from eating raisins covered in pesticide, I am not confident any of us would have been able to figure that one out yet...."

June 2018 - "The Erin Brockovich Action Center"
Be sure to see "Home Page #2" and read about March/April when Erin came to North Texas to address the water issue.
Erin tweets:
"Excited to announce my @Countable Action Center! Empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to hold your elected officials accountable. Take a look, and take action!"
WEBSITE LINK "The Erin Brockovich Action Center"
-- WATER --
"Countable" helps you make your voice heard by contacting your reps about issues that matter. Check out your reps!
Erin insists: "We must have clean water...."
What's your water story? You can record your video!  LINK
Dallas supplies drinking water for about 25 nearby cities.  Dallas uses "chloramines" (chlorine and ammonia) as part of its disinfection process.
Erin points out that Dallas is using a cheap shortcut for water quality with chloramines, by not using safer filtration methods.
Erin goes on to say:  "...The use of ammonia causes a corrosive and toxic system that causes LEAD, Manganese, Copper, and other organic matter, in the distribution system (pipes) to leech into the water and is then delivered to the consumer. Because of the reaction the ammonia creates it cancels out the chlorine which is why we see outbreaks of Legionella, E-coli and brain eating amoebas in the water system throughout the country. This also causes great damage to water utility distribution systems (cost to replace is hundreds of millions of dollars) an infrastructure that is already failing and also destroys home pipes, appliances and laundry fixtures, not to mention a toxic water situation. ..."    LINK

In addition to the corrosive aspect of ammonia, we also have the highly corrosive Fluoride Hazardous Toxic Waste, HFS (Hexafluorosilicic Acid), unnecessarily prescribed and added to our water by Dallas City Council members (who are not Doctors nor Toxicologists).  HFS, not only contains Lead, but aggressively leaches Lead, and then facilitates carrying the Lead past the blood brain barrier leading to behavioral and intelligence issues.
You may remember that Hexafluorosilicic Acid will rapidly melt glass and concrete, even when diluted with 75% water.  It comes to the city diluted with water (about 75% water), yet a couple drops of that diluted chemical on a person will kill them.  Council Members have decided to dilute this hazardous chemical with much, much more water, then have you drink it.
Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix
The evidence presented in the following website validates the need and right of women to be informed of the potential risks of drinking fluoridated tap water.

When a pregnant woman drinks 4 cups of fluoridated water, her unborn child's intake level of fluoride is comparable a 5-year old's who swallows the FDA's "contact Poison Control" safety threshold for fluoride toothpaste.

Article by fellow Texan, Derrick Broze, published July 3, 2018
Court Decision Could Lead to EPA Banning Water Fluoridation
A federal court has denied an attempt by the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to ban the use of fluoride under the Toxic Substances Control Act....

Read the full article, which contains many linked REFERENCES.  LINK
June 27 2018 - Channel 8 -
South Dallas discolored, brown murky tap water from corroded pipes. 
The chloramines (a cheap method used to disinfect the water) and the HFS (Fluoride chemical added to the water) corrode the pipes.  The fluoride chemical grabs Lead and Aluminum from pipes, or from water, and facilitates their uptake into the brain.  LINKS to many studies here.
May - June 2018
Another scientific study is published which shows that Fluoride can adversely affect the Thyroid, and also,
that some people are more sensitive to Fluoride than others.
"A systematic analysis on possibility of water fluoridation causing hypothyroidism."
There are hundreds of scientific studies which demonstrate fluoride's affect on the Thyroid, and even a Doctor prescription history of fluoride being used to slow down Thyroid activity.

Easily, the Dallas metro area tap water can cause an under active Thyroid.

Two and one half liters of water per day (about 2 mg of fluoride) can do it.  The average adult consumes this amount from drinking/preparing food.   (One Liter contains 0.7 mg of fluoride.)

From an early study during the time that Fluoride was intentionally prescribed to slow the Thyroid, researchers found that a dosage of 2 to 5 mg per day over a period of three months could affect the Thyroid.  (Galletti & Joyet 1958)    (via page 71 of Melissa Gallico's book  "The Hidden Cause of Acne:  How Toxic Water is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do About It" )

DEPRESSION and other emotional states such as irritability.
In line with affecting the Thyroid, fluoride thus also influences emotional states.  It can cause depression, an apathetic feeling, irritability, agitation, etc.
As the recent study suggests, some people are more prone to sensitivities of fluoridated water, which can wreck an individual's emotional health.
July 2018 - Fluoride Action Network revisits...
Ed Begley Jr, Film Star & Environmental Advocate, Calls for End to Fluoridation
The following two featured "Public Service Announcements" are each one minute long.  LINK and LINK
During December 2014 thru January 2015, the following "Public Service Announcement" aired locally in the Dallas-Ft Worth area on FOX 4 during the Dr. Oz show

January 2015 was when the Dallas City Council voted to add fluoride into the water.

Be sure to read all about the Ad Campaign and Fluoride toxicity here.
This IMAGE shows just a few of the adverse health effects which occur from swallowing Fluoride.  Go to the World's Largest Fluoride Database to read the scientific studies.
November 2018      “Ozone gas: reversing tooth decay” by Celeste McGovern

Reporter and Journalist, with a degree in Biology, Celeste McGovern is the author of a recent article, “Ozone gas: reversing tooth decay” published at “What Doctors Don’t Tell You”.

References are provided, along with some wonderful graphics.


and at Fluoride Action Network




Rotted Tooth Spared

…After the first painless session having the oxygen/ozone gas flow over her rotting tooth, Kramer was astonished to see it lightened noticeably, and after just four sessions the tooth had changed from dark brown back to its natural color. The large cavity still had to be filled, but the tooth was spared, and there would be no dentist's drill or dental implant…


Water, Bacteria & Ozone

…Ozone's potent antimicrobial effects have been known for more than 130 years, and it continues to be used worldwide as an effective water sanitizer. It's been estimated that one molecule of ozone kills bacteria as effectively as 3,000-10,000 molecules of chlorine, and it does so 3,500 times faster than chlorine, without the toxic effects…


Cavities Reversed

…Professor of dentistry Edward Lynch of the University of Warwick in the UK is part of the vanguard of researchers investigating the powerful effects of ozone as a painless treatment for tooth decay. Exposing a decaying tooth lesion to ozone gas for 10-20 seconds creates what he called a "sort of ozone 'hurricane' based on a low ozone concentration" that kills all microbes.

Within an hour, he and his colleagues discovered, the area of the tooth exposed to ozone could be remineralized—hardened—by the calcium phosphate in saliva, which makes it resistant to bacteria in the future…


…Another ozone pioneer, South African dentist Julian Holmes, showed that ozone gas application reversed 69 percent of cavities at three months and, with repeated applications, 100 percent at 18 months…


Gum Disease, Infections and more

…Dr. Young used a battery of ozone injections, ozonated water and oils along with implementing nutritional changes, and the woman's infection began to heal dramatically in just a week…


…Says Dr. O'Rielly: "I can't tell you how many root canals I have avoided by using ozone in my practice on teeth with cavities and deep decay."…

In Celeste's article above, she mentions a patient and Dentist,
Dr. Sook Hong.  Here is the Video of their discussion.
Dr. Robert Harris, DMD, NMD gives a wonderful video overview of Ozone, (including air quality), to fellow Dentists at the IAOMT. 
The American Dental Association (ADA)

Unfortunately, the American Dental Association (ADA), has long thwarted less toxic methods and more natural forms of Dentistry. 

In fact, they have promoted extremely toxic substances such as mercury and fluoride, both of which cause harm to teeth, gums and general health.

The ADA is an extremely powerful organization, one of the more powerful lobby contingents, with well over 100 million in revenue yearly.  The ADA colludes behind the scenes with big corporations, taking ‘bribes’ while promoting the corporate product.   The ADA even bought a website domain in order to “hijack” web traffic from the Fluoride Action Network, which is also known as Fluoride Alert.ORG ( i.e. http://fluoridealert.org/ )

Large PR firms and trolls are hired by the ADA to influence media and fight against less toxic methods of Dentistry.

The ADA is so powerful, that they work to destroy credibility and de-license Dentists who oppose water fluoridation or who oppose mercury fillings.  The Dental Mafia prevents even their own research on Fluoride’s Brain toxicity (fatigue & ADHD) from reaching the public.

Bottom Line:  The intent of the ADA is not to help the health of people.  Rather, much like the government agencies (CDC, EPA, FDA), the intent of the ADA is to protect its image credibility, even when wrong, along with maintaining its power and influence, while remaining in collusion with industries and corporations whose sole objective is to make a buck.

Sane Dentistry
The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)
YouTube Channel Link (Some fascinating lectures)
The International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IABDM) is a network of dentists, physicians and allied health professionals committed to integrating body, mind, spirit and mouth in caring for the whole person.
Oxygen/Ozone Treatments in Dentistry Part 1
Oxygen/Ozone Treatments in Dentistry Part 2
Dallas area activist anti-fluoride "Smile Ranch Dentistry" - 3 minute Ozone tour
Part of a Symposium in Croatia.  Ozone in Dentistry & photos YouTube Channel
Dr. Nick Meyer, Scottsdale talks about Ozone in the Dental Office. 9 minutes
In Celeste McGovern's article “Ozone gas: reversing tooth decay”, she mentions Dr. Robert Rowan. 
There are many applications where ozone is used to better a person's health.  Regenerating cartilage & bone is one.
Dr. Robert Rowan recommends using Ozone Blood Therapy in conjunction with Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy.  This writer can testify that it knocked out a severe case of viral pneumonia in one day and the person was back outside working in 25 degree weather all day, the next day.  Cost was $300.
You can read about Ozone Therapy here and about Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy (Biophotonic) on this Dallas area Doctor's website.
Take note of the HUGE LIST of diseases treated.
What is Ozone & some uses in health.  5 minute VIDEO Link.
Sidenote - Clint Eastwood's daughter video.
Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy is often used with Ozone Blood Therapy.  VIDEO LinkWEBSITE.
Many diseases and conditions can be addressed utilizing a combination of therapies, such as ozone and ultraviolet light blood therapies.

Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Raynauds Disease, Sclera Derma, Multiple Sclerosis, Pneumonia, Wound Infections, Septicemia (staphylococcus,streptococcus, pneumococcus), Lymphatic Infections (lymphangitis), Peritonitis, Severe Acne, Recurrent Skin Infections (furunculosis, carbunulosis), E-coli, Necrotizing Infections, Lyme Disease, Lymphoma, Varicose Veins, Peripheral Vascular Disease, Gangrene, Vascular Headaches, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Claudication, Diabetic Ulcers, Thrombophlebitis, Arthritis, Fibrositis, Bursitis, Nephritis, Iritis, Uveitis, Cholecystitis, COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, HIV, Influenza, Herpes Simplex/Zoster, Mononucleosis, Mumps, Measles Infections, Viral Pneumonia, Polio, Non-Healing Wounds & Fractures, Inactivation of Snake Venom, Fungal/Yeast Infection, Decreases Edema (Swelling), Cirrhosis, Tetanus, Chronic Fatigue, Allergies, Neuritis/Neuropathy, Chemical Sensitivity, Botulism, Malaria, Typhoid, Seizures, Blood Poisoning, Diphtheria

Veterinarians who are "in the know" will utilize Ozone & Ultraviolet Light Therapy. 

The very famous, late Veterinarian, Dr. Michael Fox, writes a very informative article about water, which tells how Fluoride, Aluminum and other contaminants hurt animals.

  Dr. Karen Becker (Vet) Interviews Dr. Fox about animal issuesDr. Karen Becker also interviewed Melissa Gallico about Fluoride poisoning in dogs.

MERCK VETERINARY MANUAL - Fluoride Poisoning in Dogs

Dogs have one of the highest cancer rates of any mammal. 
It should be noted that many dog foods contain high amounts of pesticides.  In addition, weed killers and synthetic fertilizers on lawns can severely compromise a dog's health. 

Most people completely underestimate Fluoride's toxicity. 
Fluoride affects many different enzymes, proteins and pathways in the body.
EXAMPLE:  Children who drink fluoridated water will have their first teeth appear 6 months later than a normal, non-fluoridated child.  Plus, the tooth matrix will be more porous and brittle, along with tiny pits.  This is because Fluoride has messed with enzymes and proteins which are affiliated with normal tooth development.  But Fluoride messes with enzymes and proteins throughout the body.

Take it to the bank... 
Fluoride can cause cancer and can facilitate cancer growth.
A host of veterinarians talk about Ozone.  4 Minutes Link
Ozone Protocols and dogs receiving treatments.  (12 minutes)
Cancer - Ozone with Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy (60 sec)
Cancer addressed with organic food & nutrients (11 minutes)
If a person is interested in better health,
or in repairing and regenerating functional parts of the body,
they should watch these 4 short videos on how it currently is being done.

What Are Stem Cells? Why Are They So Important? Part 1
What Are Stem Cells? Where Do They Come From? Part 2
What Are Stem Cells? What Do They Do? Part 3
What Are Stem Cells? What Are They Used For? Part 4
How to Live Longer - My Stem Cell & Ozone Treatments - Link.
The Corbett Report, in association with Global Research TV, discusses the importance of the FLUORIDE FIGHT. - Video link
Also, be sure to watch The Corbett Report's documentary (with referenced sources) which
shows how Big Industry first co-opted the Medical FieldLINK