Dogs Against Fluoridation

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Testing for Fluoride in the Water

This YouTube Video shows someone testing for Fluoride in the drinking water and in bottled water using an electronic tester.  There are other methods of testing, but an electronic method is more accurate.


She also demonstrates the effectiveness of two different methods used in filtering out Fluoride.  Furthermore, she talks about the acidity and alkalinity of bottled water.  Some brands of bottled water contained fluoride.

As a visual concept of one Liter of water, look at the Fiji bottle. 

This is one liter.

2 mg (milligrams) of Fluoride

Four (4) liters of Dallas RAW Water (before fluoride is added) equates to 2 mg (milligrams) of Fluoride.  (This is four of the Fiji bottles.)  On a hot day, an adult easily can drink 4 bottles.

Again, this is just RAW DALLAS WATER, before supplemental Fluoride is added.